Transport Division

Everyone in the Construction field knows how important it is to deliver labor, material and tools on time. While it is a fact that cheap and efficient transport facilities are available in the market on a large scale, dependency on external vendors can be frustrating at times.

When Al Rakha entered the field of transportation, it was to provide basic services like transport of labor and staff and small equipment like hoes and fork lift trucks etc. Over the years, we kept on adding vehicles and even heavy equipment like cranes and excavators. Our transport supervisors turned trainee operators into highly skilled operators who have mastered the equipment they work on.

This service has cemented our relationships with our clients, consultants and main contractors because they do not have to search high and low for the necessary vehicles and equipment.

With our transport facilities honed by more than a decade of experience, we have graduated to marketing our 175+ fleet of vehicles for others. We provide our equipment and vehicles on lease or rent to other contractors.