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About Al Rakha Group of Companies
Al Rakha Group of Companies

Al Rakha Group of Companies is rapidly evolving as one of the frontrunner companies in UAE. Established in 1986 as Al Rakha General Contracting Company WLL, the company zoomed to success and soon added four more companies to its quiver, becoming a conglomerate.

We are one of the prominent and specialized companies in the fields of Construction and Transportation. We can proudly claim to be certified by ISO standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for maintaining the best quality in our works.

We have constructed myriad structures – from Villas to Skyscrapers. The combination of construction and transport provides us with the capability to provide a unique spectrum of service to our clients in a competitive market. Al Rakha also specializes in carpentry and aluminum works, and heavy-duty equipment rentals.
Al Rakha Group has constructed some of the most modern and innovatively designed buildings in UAE. Licensed to work in all parts of UAE, we are always up-to-date with the clients’ demands and use only state of the art equipment to deliver excellent quality work within deadlines.

We Make Dreams Come True…

Our track record for services and customer satisfaction is impeccable. Through its experience, Al Rakha has managed to quote the most competitive prices without compromising on quality. We believe that the best approach to a project is the way the client desires it and with our expertise, we make their dreams come true.

We strive to be the leader of the current industry by creating a culture of continuous improvement. Our company culture reflects our ability to change and adapt to the changing environment. Our ability to adapt to changing environments helped us survive in the UAE. We have achieved success by working smart, providing excellent customer service, using state of the art equipment and by following the business mantra: The Customer Is Always Right.

  • Message from the MD

    “Customer satisfaction has always been our establishment’s major permanent objective and all our business decisions, short and long term, have been built around this objective.

    With our team you can be sure of the best possible support and services – not just in the short-term, but the long-term support and services which is so important in this millennium.

    Even though Al Rakha Group of Companies has helping its clients achieving their targets for the past few years, each new project brings with it the excitement and enthusiasm of inventiveness and unlimited creativity.

    The United Arab Emirates has become a true International example for the tremendous strides it has taken in its ongoing development. The growth witnessed is unprecedented in this region, and perhaps all over the world. Needless to mention here that the positive thinking and past achievements including our invaluable experience in the various fields of construction has helped us to forge ahead.

    Our goal is to excel at every endeavor that we choose to take up while making qualitative contribution to enhance our company’s name throughout Middle East.”