• High quality constructions from Foundation to Finishing

    We create added value as a direct result of the personal attention that comes from being a customer focused business.

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  • We deliver today on an eye on tomorrow

    We work extensively with clients to understand their project needs from constructability through commissioning, including safety, quality and schedule expectations.

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The Right Partner for your Business

We take pride in what we do – whether it’s constructing a project, breaking ground on new technology, or getting involved with the community. Our work spans beyond making buildings; it impacts people and makes a difference.

You’ll find a strong integration between innovation and sustainability throughout our operations.

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Diverse Expertise

  • Experience

    Our team of construction experts work tirelessly with clients/consultants/owners to improve the project. Our experts hail from a wide variety of construction backgrounds — they have the right advice for your project

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  • Vision

    With our team you can be sure of the best possible support and services – not just for the short-term, but for long-term support and services which are so important in this millennium.

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  • Reliable

    Our focus is to create relationships that last for generations. That doesn’t happen by cutting corners! Our goal is to excel at every endeavor that we choose to take up while making qualitative contribution to enhance our company’s name throughout UAE.

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People, Passion, Perform, Protect

  • We are people champions

    Our employees and customers are at the core of everything we do. We strive to see the world through their eyes.

  • We perform at Superior Level

    We are committed to delivering profitable growth and sustainable competitive advantage.

  • We protect today to ensure tomorrow

    Protecting our customers, employees, families and the world around us is our responsibility.


We carry everything; from material to people

The art of constructing is not one man’s journey. Without the right people and the right material, that art is incomplete. We provide the facility to move people and material to and from the site.

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Why look outside; when everything is within?

Homes are more than just walls. They should have windows to the world and doors to welcome happiness,beds to relax and furniture forcomfort. Al Rakha can provide all that… and more.

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Heart is where the Home is…

Life is not just about constructing – it’s about living too. We help you to find the right home where you can live and dream.

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